We take pride in offering an extensive selection of over 80 wines, available by the glass, half bottle, and full bottle. In addition, we have a smaller, exclusive collection of big Bordeaux and Burgundy wines, which are only available by the bottle.

Our wine list represents old-world wines from small, family-owned wineries, where generations-old traditions are preserved alongside the adoption of new organic, biodynamic, and sustainable approaches to grape cultivation and winemaking.

Our cheeses, meats, and pate follow the geography of the wines and are thoroughly selected to complement and enhance the flavors and aromas of the wines. The wine list offers suggestions for pairing wines with Cork’s exquisite charcuterie boards.

Bon Appétit!

We continually cultivate and expand relationships with suppliers, and through improved negotiations, Cork can pass on price benefits to our guests. We periodically lower prices throughout the wine list.